Anna Spyzs sitting on a rock in Reykjavík, with the ocean in the background

How to turn 28 in the middle of the Atlantic

A few months before she turned 28, Anna Spysz, a Polish-American living in Krakow, noticed her birthday would fall on 10/10/10 — the 10th of October 2010. She decided she had to do something very interesting to celebrate.

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Hayley's shadow looms over Snæfellsnes

Hayley’s year in Iceland

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Trausti Jónsson, professional weatherman and amateur historian

A short history of summer in Iceland

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Iceland for Kids: A User’s Guide

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Frímann Frímannsson browses for vinyl at Geisladiskabúð Valda in Reykjavík

Say hello to the hippest man in Reykjavík

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Crossing Iceland

In July 2010 Alastair Humphreys and Christopher Herwig traversed Iceland north to south, on foot and by river, 110) echo '...'; ?>

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Knitted hats, mittens and more

Knitting circle

Maybe it’s the winters. Or the economy. Or just a seemingly innate sense of the next trend in fashion. Whate 110) echo '...'; ?>

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Man walking in Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon

Are you there Iceland? It’s me, Julien

Julien Apack from Grenoble has visited Iceland twice, in 2004 and 2007, and recently he has found himself miss 110) echo '...'; ?>

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Egill Helgason standing in front of an old house in the centre of Reykavík

Where everybody knows your name, and can pronounce it

To many visitors, Þingholt is the real centre of Reykjavík, and the place they spend most of their time whil 110) echo '...'; ?>

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